About Us

CLAREx was incorporated under the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (RJSC) in Bangladesh. Established in December 2015, CLAREx provides IT-enabled services and customized process automation solutions tailored to a broad range of business operation needs.

CLAREx believes in simplifying processes and bringing flexibility to our working system, thereby enabling us to deliver 24/7 services to all areas. Our certified and professional management team empowers our workforce to comprehensively meet the needs of our offshore and onshore clients.

Driving the Wheels of Change and Sustainability

A world of sustenance opens the doorway to creating impactful change. Facing problems that exceed one's capabilities can be daunting, leading to decisions that hinder progress. With us by your side, you can concentrate on what matters most and leave the driving of change to us.

Creating Disruptions That Exude Quality Outcomes

As you concentrate on your business processes, we fortify your foundation. In today's competitive and volatile market, precision and data readiness are paramount. A deficiency in these areas can significantly impact a business’s market cap. As your disruptors, we provide intelligent, data-driven solutions and strategies.

Dashing Towards Sustainable Employment

Every year, youths with intense flair and students with hidden talents emerge. Yet, are they employed to the full extent of their abilities? This issue poses a significant barrier to sustainable development. CLAREx recognizes this challenge and collaborates with young people to maximize their potential in a world that values sustainable employment.


Your Comrade

Think of us as your comrade-in-arms, someone on whom you can rely completely. While you focus on critical processes, we drive your growth and change the tide of your game.


Domino Disrupter

Our mission is to ensure our clients achieve the perfect blend of technology and user experience in their everyday business operations, ensuring flexibility, speed, and most importantly, security.


Sustainable Integrity

Our vision is to be a leading provider of value-added services in the fields of finance, banking, and regulatory compliance. We aim to build enduring partnerships with our customers, leveraging the expertise, creativity, and dedication of our team, along with our innovative products and services.

Our Story

Everything changes when you set a goal and define a timeline. Driven by the urge to create an impact and foster change, CLAREx was founded with the modest ambition of advancing business process success while managing secondary tasks. Today, more than five years later, we have expanded from our sister concern, Lever & Gear, to offer a broader array of services including BPO, ITES, financing solutions, and digital marketing.

  • People, Planet and Sustenance

    Parameter to measure success? Is it the result or impact?

    In developing countries, while impact may not be the primary driver—profit margins are—our pursuit of results has led to the overutilization of our resources and workforce. This has delayed the transformational revolution we hope could bring about a brighter, more productive future.

  • Where should we head towards?

    The measure of success should encompass economic, environmental, and social dimensions. The Triple Bottom Line sustainability framework, consisting of People, Profit, and Planet, integrates these aspects to deliver significant impact. We are committed to impactful corporate social responsibility initiatives that enhance societal well-being, offer opportunities for all, and provide income sources for the impoverished.

  • Triple Bottom Line (TBL), the feasible solution?

    Business is more than just profit generation. Economic growth, environmental health, and social advancement are essential for long-term corporate success and sustainability. Through the Triple Bottom Line philosophy, we hold ourselves accountable for Profit, Planet, and People. Furthermore, it is our constitutional commitment to protect and enhance the ecosystem, biodiversity, and environmental health for current and future generations of Bangladesh.

  • So, What we do at Clarex?

    At CLAREx, we assess our performance broadly, highlighting the sustainability and institutional growth that organically influences our surroundings. This perspective enables innovative thinking in our product and service delivery. Each deliverable has a tangible impact on society and the environment, reinforcing our strong commitment to Profit, Planet, and People.

  • Why start your transformational growth with us?

    Don’t let today's doubts be tomorrow's obstacles. Choose the right partner to start your transformation today:
    Powered by seamless technology
    Collaborative and clear workflows
    Unparalleled growth and motivation
    • A skilled and multifunctional workforce
    Continuous 24/7 technical support
    A sustainable path to maturity